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We Are a Microsoft PARTNER!
Additional Options
Servers, Pcs and Networks
We provide all those items and AT COST, at wholesale prices, thats right we will show you the pricelists we buy it at.
You are only charged for installation, setup and any credit charges. Delivery is normally free!
We do the research for the pcs you need, mostly they are around $1000-1500 and dont buy anything too cheap.
You need minimum 4 gig ram on Windows 7.
We can provide
  • Network cable testing to ensure your network is running at full speed,
  • Routers, Switches, Servers and Network Pcs
  • Backup Systems Onsite or Offsite with or without monitoring
  • Analysis of network traffic to see bottlenecks,
  • Router testing, Wifi setup and security,
  • Network video surveillance setup,
  • Exchange server email setups,
  • Proper Server backups.
  • Service agreements provide you with monitoring of your backups, and emails so we know in advance of a problem before you do
  • Regular email alerts and education for your staff on pcs, viruses and reducing risks.
The SMOKE DETECTOR for your Business.  That means far less downtime for you. contact
Website Creation, Hosting, email setup and support plus offsite backups ! 
Dont buy or renew a web name or get a web site until you talk to us, we get better prices than most and provide simple up to date answers.
Do you need?
A webname and dont know how to go about all the technical setups before, during and after?
Search Engine Optimization?  Internet Marketing?
E-Commerce including secure online financial transactions.
an informative, professional web page design
Do you have? 
A business idea or plan you want to implement on the internet?
A Website and or Logo that needs to be updated or redesigned?
Do you need more visitors to your site?
Do you need people who will spend the time with you to create the design you want, achieve the goals you want within your budget?
Contact us and get a dedicated individual who will work with you at any stage.
If we need to we will assign one of our associates that specialise.
Get a Domain name, Email accounts and your own online control panel included in the price. 
Use our expertise in helping you decide what is valuable, relevant information that will help you create an informative,
professional web page design.
Cost largely depends upon how many pages, but typically a really basic 4-5 page site, based on a template will cost approx $500. 
We provide services to suit your personal or small business needs from Website design planning and development, page design and graphics too.
We make easy to navigate result achieving websites.
We provide a full hosting and deisgn service for your website.
With thousands of website templates to choose from and hundreds of special
functions like google maps, youtube, flash, your site can be spectacular.
On line forms that email you, these can be for online quotes, contact forms, 
join our mailing lists, and so on.
There are paypal buttons that can instantly add payments to 
your account without having a special bank account setup.
Of course we provide all forms of email hosting,
you can have as many as 30 email accounts per hosting.
Remote Servicing of Pcs 
We can provide any sort of support to your pc, network or server to anywhere in the world.
You can download helpme from this website, give us a phone call and we can help you immediately. No issue is too big or too small.
Get rid of those really annoying "features" on your pc.
Antivirus Treatment
Do you Need?
PC virus protection, virus and trojan removal?
Need expert advice on Antivirus?
Look no further, we have done many hours of research and have experienced most of the antivirus
programs available and know how they behave and whether they actually do their job!
Essential Pc software
After years of experience there are few tools that you should install. Examples are Defrag, Windows Defender,
These and others are available from this site to minimize hassles.

Contact us now for any kind of pdf form that you require.

Your form can have droplists, checkboxes, round boxes, pictures,  small or huge text boxes,

buttons, email buttons, print buttons, virutally anything you can imagine eg

simply send your word document and it should be able to be converted completely as
you have formatted it. 
click on the contact us button on the screen above

Contact us now for any kind of online form that you require that sends you the results in an email,


Your form can have droplists, checkboxes, round boxes, pictures, small or huge text boxes,

buttons, email buttons, print buttons, virutally anything you can imagine eg

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